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Clean and disinfect toilets, tubs, and showers
Clean and organize the counters
Clean bath sinks and lamps on top
Clean and disinfect bathroom floors
Empty trash and replace garbage bags
Clean and wipe down cabinets
Clean out side of toast machine
Clean outside of coffee machine
Clean and disinfect kitchen sinks
Vacuum, clean and mop kitchen floors
Clean inside microwave
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum rugs and carpets
Vacuum hardwood floors
Vacuum under sofas and cushions
Remove cobwebs
Dust, clean and polish furniture
Dust sills and ledges
Clean baseboards
Clean pictures on the wall
Clean TVs and computer screens

** If you would like anything else done just let us know



Do you wash dishes or do laundry?

We are happy to do dishes or laundry.  If you wish to pay for these additional services we are happy to do them.  


What should I do to prepare for your cleaning services?

Perform a general pickup before we arrive.  This is the best investment of your cleaning dollar and allows us to focus on what we do the best, cleaning!  It also keeps us from putting your items in the wrong place causing you to search later. 


Will you change the bedsheets?

If you leave a new set of linens out on the bed we will change them.  Otherwise, we will just make the beds.  


Will I need to be home while you are cleaning?

It is not necessary for you to be home while we clean.  You can leave us  a key or code. However, should you wish to be home while we clean you are welcome to do so.  We just ask that you stay out of the area being cleaned.


What do I do with my pets?

As long as your pet is friendly and doesn't get upset with the noise of a vacuum cleaner we are happy to have them untethered.  If your pet has a tendency to be aggressive or dislikes loud noises could we suggest they be placed in an area where we are not working?

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